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Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are among the 20 most visited websites in the world.

With this huge audience at your fingertips, social media is a solid place to start promoting alfiebanks®.

The key to your success as an elite member is to publish your referral link in as many places as possible. Gear all your social media profiles towards your referral link from, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr to Google+. Cover every base and increase the chances of people clicking your referral link. In return you’ll receive up to 30% commission on every order made through your link.

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Instagram is where the majority of the alfiebanks® target audience hang out. Make it a priority to add your referral link to your Instagram profile. Preferably add it with some icons that draw people’s attention to it.




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Unfortunately you can’t add a clickable hyperlink to your Instagram posts. However a popular trend amongst the alfiebanks® elite is to tell people to go to your profile and click on the referral link in your profile bio.

The same goes for Twitter, you can insert your referral link in your Twitter profile too. But don’t stop there; you can also have a link in your actual 160-character bio, giving you the opportunity to share your link twice.

Did you know you can edit your pinned pins? Add your referral link to the pin description and maximise your potential link traffic.

Work through the steps of adding your referral link to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+ profile and remember to include your link within every promotional social media post.

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